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5 of the Latest Trends in Men’s Watches to Watch Out for

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5 of the Latest Trends in Men’s Watches to Watch Out for

A great watch is not only an accessory that can help you tell the time but it is also a good fashion statement as well. Designer watches, for example, would help make a person look dapper in whatever clothes they wear.

Even major sports players have a really good watch collection of their own and they have certainly rekindled the fire in watch collectors anew.

In today’s article, I will go over some of the latest trends in men’s watches to watch out for.

Sleeker Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the new kids on the block and although they are merely extensions of smartphones and tablets, they look chunkier than most people would love. That is because, in a product’s first iterations, style seems to be on the backburner while the main features tend to get more focused on. That is no longer the case in the next few years.

When you go find a smartwatch on the market, you will find that they’ve become sleeker; more refined. That is because smartwatch manufacturers know how important looks are when it comes to choosing a timepiece and that is why design, if anything, is the main consideration when creating a new product.

The Resurgence of the Vintage

Vintage watches may not look shiny as they once were but there seems to be some renewed interest in wearing such timepieces.

Most of the people that would consider wearing a vintage watch would typically change the strap to a sleeker, more stylish leather strap. True enough, leather straps look really great no matter what your outfit is.

More Love for Chronographs

Chronograph watches used to be very famous, especially when they were first introduced in the market. The interest for such watches has died down over the years and that is mainly because of its chunkier appearance.

Well, millennials and watch enthusiasts certainly love the looks of such a watch and that is why there is renewed interest for them. In fact, watchmaking companies create new chronograph watches that don a more modern look and some that have a classic appearance.

Black is Back

No one can argue that the color black, especially on a watch, looks really sleek and stylish. For a time, this was the case, but designer watches and other watch styles seem to favor colors that are punchier than black.

The good thing is that if you love the said color and you want to buy new watches that you will love for the next 30 years or so, you will be happy to know that black watches are back.

There are even some watchmaking companies that make use of different black tones to suit different tastes.

Textile Straps Become More Mainstream

When field watches were first introduced in the market, they made use of textile straps because they are sturdy enough to bring out the field and they are quick and easy to remove and wash. Although leather straps have become the main standard when it comes to watch bands, textile straps are coming back.

There is a renewed love for these straps mainly because people have the luxury of choosing a colored strap that will match their outfits. What’s more, it is quite practical and easy to clean.