Tips On How To Be A Successful Web Developer

Web Development can be a pain in the beginning so here are some tips to help you begin your web development dreams.

Do you want to start a new career as a website developer? Below are some helpful tips you should remember, if you want to be a successful front-end web developer.


  • Be Organized

Website developers juggle plenty of tasks, so you need to be organized in every detail of your work. Two of the platforms you can use for an efficient work process are Trello and Slack.

Trello is a brilliant tool that can help you prioritize and organize your projects. Do you need to make lists, cards and boards? Trello is very intuitive, and easy to use.

Slack, on the other hand, is an app used to send messages to other team members. It includes lots of other tools such as Google Drive, Skype, Twitter and Dropbox.




  • Design

If you want to be a successful front-end web developer someday, you need to master CSS and HTML as early as possible. HTML is used to structure your web pages, and elements such as blocks. Through these blocks, you can determine the overall look and layout of your web content.

You should also familiarize yourself with Bootstrap. It is a popular front-end component library that helps users develop JavaScript, CSS and HTML.




  • Programming

JavaScript is a good web programming language for beginners. Aside from this, you should also learn more about AJAX. AJAX is a website development tactic used for developing interactive applications.

Meanwhile, Gulp is a reliable toolkit that automates time-consuming, painful tasks in every web development workflow.




  • Methodologies

Are you familiar with Agile Scrum? This is a framework that addresses complicated adaptive issues, while creatively and productively delivering quality products. Block Element Modifier, or BEM is an approach that allows users to achieve front-end reusable factors, as well as code sharing.


Looking for another tool to use for your web development project?

Git is a reliable version control system that is crucial for your coding process. Through this, you can execute branches experiments, and come back to previous versions.

The Importance of Keywords

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are topics and ideas that define your web content. In terms of search engine optimization, they are phrases and words that people enter in search engines. As a content creator and website owner, you would want all of your keywords to be relevant to what your target audience is searching.This is based on an SEO Consulting Company.

Why types of keywords important?

Keywords are crucial because they link people looking for your content, and the content itself. Do you want to rank high in Google and other search engines? Then, you need drive in more organic traffic to your website by focusing on your keywords.

Incorporating more relevant keywords mean producing more quality content. Determine your target audience, and research on the type of content that they need. Talk to your clients. Join online community groups and forums.

What are these so-called long-tail keywords?mini Gecko icon by The Martin

Keywords can be far-reaching and broad, or very specific with several terms, called “long-term keywords.” Singular, or shorter keywords are easy to use but have tough competition. If you’re really determined to gain more traffic, it is much better to utilize long-tail keywords. These longer keywords have lesser competition.

Utilizing Keywords on Your Website

Don’t just throw in random keywords in your posts. You need to follow some keyword usage rules. Unique keywords should be incorporated on your website’s every page, alongside efficient content production. Also, you won’t gather more clicks by putting vague titles. In fact, disguising what your content is all about means disregarding the power of good keywords.

Incorporate your main keyword in H1 tags, meta descriptions, image alt attributes and URL. Using it in these areas can help you target your web content to searches. It won’t give you immediate top results, but it is crucial for SEO strategy.

Thumbs Up by maus80Using keywords to Create a Good Content Strategy

Do you know how to match keywords to your existing web content? Understand how it matches to some keywords. To do this properly, you need to make a so-called “content to keyword map.” Building this map will help you understand the performance of your existing posts, and determine the gaps or weak links that need improvements.

Keywords define every page of your website. By organizing your content, and inserting new keywords, you can come up with an efficient strategy that can help you grow your business and website.