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Buying a Bath Tub for Your Baby: Important Features to Check

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Buying a Bath Tub for Your Baby: Important Features to Check

Are you thinking of buying a new bath tub for your baby? Purchasing baby bath accessories in Malaysia is probably one of the most exciting moments of parenthood. There are tons of choices out there, you just need to pick the best one of your child.

Most tubs for babies are portable and small. These baby products are usually made of lightweight plastic, and can be stored almost anywhere. When selecting among hundreds of baby bath tubs, keep in mind that you don’t really need something fancy and expensive. A quality, basic one will do just one. Just make sure it has rounded edge and corners throughout, and must cradle your child to keep her in place safely.

No matter what your preferred set up is, the most crucial thing to remember is to keep an eye to your baby. Never leave your kid alone in the bath tub, and don’t pick a portable baby bath tub up with your child inside.

A baby bath tub offers an appropriate area for your kid to get clean together while playing cute baby toys. Here are some features that you should look into in purchasing a new tub.

1. Handle or hook for convenient storage

Some bath tub models have hooks or handles at the back part for easy storage and draining. You can also flip it over, and let it dry before storing it.

2. Overhanging, smooth rim

This specific feature makes it easier to carry a bath tub filled with water without the child in it. Through it, you can also avoid scraping your baby’s skin, as you remove her, or take her in the tub.

3. Nonskid Surface

Look into bath tubs with nonskid surfaces at the bottom in order to keep it from sliding.

4. Contoured Tub Design with Good Padded Lining

A contoured tub design is important in keeping a child from moving around a lot. Most padding materials are thin, yet more comfortable compared to hard plastic.

5. Drain with an Added Plug

This feature makes the bath tub much easier to empty.

6. Foldability

If you have limited space at home, foldability is an important feature to check. A lot of plastic tubs are possible to fold in half for convenient storage, but some people have complained about this type not being able to hold a child who is more than one week old.

7. Temperature Indicator

Some tub models have temperature strips or drain plugs that change color each time the water is too hot for the baby. Others have incorporated digital readouts. This feature is nice to have but is not a requirement. If you want, you can just purchase a separate temperature indicator.