Starting a WordPress Web Design Business: The Mandatory Steps

Starting a WordPress Web Design Business: The Mandatory Steps


If you are thinking of starting a new WordPress website design business, then surely you would need some advice to start effectively. Aside from dedication, hard work and patience, below are important things that you need to keep in mind.


  1. Network with experienced people.

Experienced People

Forge good, strategic relationships with people. Partnerships are essential to maintain a smooth-running web design company. Also, you need to hire people in the long run. Consider networking with other web design agencies and freelance contractors. Don’t attempt to run everything by yourself.


  1. Keep all your customers happy.

Create meaningful relationships with your clients. Connect with people on a more personal level. Help them with the best of your abilities.


  1. Manage your financial transactions properly.


Focus on your accounting and business matters. Make sure to keep detailed records of your financial transactions. This is very important if you want your business to succeed. Don’t worry, though. You can use lots of online tools to manage your spreadsheets and balance books.


  1. Select the right framework based on your needs.

If you want to decrease the workload and speed of the entire developmental process, you need to choose a theme-based framework based. You can find themed frameworks on WordPress. Research on the pros and cons, and look for plugins that can further help you with complex tasks.


  1. Always back up important matters with comprehensive details.


Never ever lose crucial data that belongs to your clients. In order to do this, you should invest in a brilliant, comprehensive system that can help you back up the entire developmental environment.


  1. Pick the correct host.

Help your clients choose the right hosting option for their WordPress website. Yes, there are plenty small-scale website design companies that will help you gain additional revenue, though they might come with some issues. Make sure to partner with a reliable hosting company.



7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Designer

  • “Do you provide premium plug-ins?”

Cheaper, smaller web design agencies would utilize free plug-in versions in order to give your website useful features such as video integration, shopping carts and appointment scheduling. Professional companies, on the other hand, would offer plug-ins in exchange of a bigger amount. Which option to take? Contemplate on the needs of your business first.


  • “Where will my website be hosted?”

Slow websites are major turnoffs. If your web design agency proposes hosting on the most affordable hosting tier, then you would immediately regret hiring them.


  • “What website maintenance do you perform?”

A website developer’s job is not yet done, once the website goes live. Many firms offer quality website maintenance services. Just in case you encounter a problem in the future, they should be there to attend to your needs.


  • “What are the weakness and strengths of my current website?”

Your website is part of your business’ marketing plan. It serves an important purpose. See to it that the web development firm that you will hire can deliver amazing services, so they can help you with the growth of your brand.


  • “Do you use templates?”

If the web designer you are talking to uses template, then run. Your website’s overall layout should be made especially for you and your brand’s needs. Templates are generic. Using this wouldn’t set you apart from intense competition.


  • “What kinds of support services do you offer?”

A website may look beautiful, but if fails to convert, then you are just wasting money. Find a website designer who can work well with a big marketing team. You are not only hiring them to build websites–you are hiring them to help you with a strategy.


  • “Will my website be responsive?”

At this point in time, mobile responsiveness is the way to go. Take advantage of the people’s obsession with mobile browsing. If the website designer refuses to make a responsive design, then it’s time for you to walk away.