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Malaysian Home with a Japanese Touch

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Malaysian Home with a Japanese Touch

This amazing Malaysian home, built with two parallel wings separated by a shallow pool, is lined with rows of timber columns.

Laminated timber porches span both wings of the halls. Along the perimeter of the house, a metal frame that encloses the windows supports the timber beams on the ceiling, allowing the ceiling to stretch out to the horizon.

Ceiling Beams and Porticoes

The ceiling beams and porticoes are each spaced about 1.31 feet apart, creating a linear dynamic pattern on the façade and inside the building. The design evokes Japanese landscaped gardens, with parts that recall the tori gates of the famed Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto.

Top architect company Malaysia put the house on the highest part of its sloping plot to separate and shield the property from neighboring houses, and to maximize the views.

The house consists of two parallel wings, identical in width and length, but offset from each other.

One Wing Houses

One wing houses the community services, while the other houses private areas such as bedrooms and rooms for visitors.

There is a main entrance hall at the center of the house which connects both wings. Entry to this corridor is via a wooded path that hovers above a serene reflective lake. The walkway extends to the garden beyond this glass-walled space.

One side of this entrance hall connects with a living and dining room, home cinema, and gym to an open space.