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Mechanical Watch 101

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Mechanical Watch 101

Looking for the best mechanical watch in Malaysia can be a real challenge for many people.
There are a lot of watch brands and models available in the market. Choosing among them can
be overwhelming. A mechanical timepiece may be expensive, but it is still a day-to-day item that
a person wears every day for convenience.

What are those watch complications that you want to have? No matter what your preferences are,
you are set to see the same exact mechanism in each mechanical timepiece: a mainspring that
powers a gear train.

A mechanical watch’s main spring is a lengthy metal spring that is curled up inside the barrel. Its
wound spring gradually releases tension and rotates the barrel. The barrel powers the
escapement. The magic happens at the escapement. Basically, it controls how fast the barrel
powers the gears. This is how time is maintained.

A big wheel with one more spring spins regularly. Then, it is affixed to a particular pallet fork
that holds all the gears in its place. Every time the wheel spins, its fork jumps all the way to the
other side, allowing its gears to create a “tick.”

Mechanical watches offer tons of features and functions, from calendar and moon phase
indicators to stopwatch functions.